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Taiwan's Grand Castella Cake to open at Nex, with pandan ...

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Taiwan's Grand Castella Cake to open at Nex, with pandan ...

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The flavours offered are Original ($9.90), Cheese ($11.90), Chocolate ($12.90) and Pandan ($10.90).
Published17 min ago

SINGAPORE - The castella cake craze has attracted another player into a crowded market.

Taiwan's Grand Castella Cake, which was founded in 2010, opens its first outlet at at Serangoon's Nex shopping mall on Thursday (Dec 7) at 11am. Thereafter, it will open from 10am to 10pm daily, including public holidays.

Cakes offered at the store include the Original ($9.90), Cheese ($11.90) and Chocolate ($12.90).

Additionally, the fluffy cake will be offered in a local flavour - P andan ($10.90).

The Taiwanese brand is being brought in by local firm Huat 99 Lah, which will open a second outlet at the basement of Raffles City Shopping Mall by the end of the year.

Grand Castella Singapore is also offering one-for-one specials on Thursday and Friday while stocks last.

The brand has its roots in Tamsui Old Street, Taipei, which is also home to Original Cake, a competitor which also set up shop in 2010. Both claim to be the "original".

Castella cakes are Japanese sponge cakes made with flour, sugar, eggs and starch syrup and usually sold in long boxes. The Taiwanese version is lighter and fluffier, almost like a chiffon cake.

Several brands have opened stores in Singapore, including Taiwan's Le Castella, which started the craze when it opened here in May, and Malaysia's Ah Mah Homemade Cake, followed suit in July.

The cakes are usually baked and sliced on-site, and videos of the jiggly confections being cut are popular online.

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